In Searching for the Individuations of Technological Thinking (2024)
video, 41'20

"In Searching for the Individuations of Technological Thinking" (2024) is a speculative film essay that outlines the fragmented trajectories of the artist's speculative quest on technological thinking in Japan. Grounded in fieldwork, literature, and archival research, the project attempts to raise questions and stimulate thinking about the locality of technics through the historical lens in 18th and 19th century Japan about the arrival of the Black Ships, the reception of the Illustrated Treaties of Maritime Kingdoms, the exploration of the inner landscape of the human body, and the debate between Catholicism and Confucianism. This speculative quest or detour on technological thinking aims to propose that inconsistency, incompatibility, and tension are the conditions for a new phase of social, technological, medical, and intellectual transformation. Through the lens of the individuation of technological thinking, this speculative inquiry can be seen as a gesture pursuing the possibility of new insight into the essence of Japan and, subsequently, China and East Asia, or even world history per se.