RYMUR (2020)
video/machinima/experimental documentary

Further elaborating with the exploration and findings with the Poe-Outlast Trilogy (2018-2019), the artist turns his attention to the sequel of the game, Outlast 2 and conducts his ongoing project RYMUR (2020). Based on the archival materials of Peoples Temple, this research-based project re-appropriates this history with the narrative and background of the video game. By juxtaposing virtuality and reality, the outcome of this project constitutes an artistic interpretation of history by re-appropriating the materials from the video game, official archive, and recordings.

Works under this project:
Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It (26:17, colour, 2020)
The Rupture of Promised Land (Or We Can Never Get There) (19:00, colour, 2020)