video game

And when I say: “Show it! Show the wound that we have inflicted upon ourselves during the course of our development”, it is because the only way to progress and become aware of it is to show it.
– Joseph Beuys

Miracles and Wounds (2019) is a short video game that originally a re-working version of Joseph Beuys' momentum work, Zeige Deine Wunde (1974–1975). In Zeige Deine Wunde, Beuys creates his own unique artistic language with duplicated objects that reveals the traumatic experiences of himself. What I asked myself at the very beginning of creating this project was: What is the implication of this psychological and spiritual wounds of Beuys to us?

As the project evolving, something was changed. I try not to recreate the whole piece, but I intend to reveal something about myself. Hence, the project transforms Beuy's duplicated objects setup as my own personal statement, questions and skepticism on death, religion and healing of psychological and spiritual wounds.

The ultimate questions now is: can I make progress to get over my own doubts in death, religion and wounds?